Monday, 4 May 2015

First Post

Hey! This is my newly created blog to share my beading projects with the world. I started about two years ago when I bought a kit from Oak Tree Crafts to make this, Edwadian Lamplight, necklace.

I made some matching earrings and I was hooked.

My Mum has been beading for many years and she encouraged me to bead, she's given me so much and is always there to help me if I get stuck. In the beginning she gave me lots of threads, beads, findings and helped me find websites where I could buy more. She introduced me to a lovely group of ladies who bead in Malvern, where I live. I raided her magazines in search of patterns and have had tools and bits and pieces, like Thread Heaven and Thread Zap, given me for birthdays and Christmas.
So that,s me and how I started off in my new obsession.

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