Sunday, 13 September 2015

Funky Pink Statement

This is a wowser! It is a net tube filled with seed beads and twisted into this design. I admit it was a kit, but I still love it! It is so bold and funky. I just hope it never breaks, because then there will be beads EVERYWHERE!

Monochrome Set

I had a spare tube of beads, sent to me as a replacement for something which I had ordered and which was, unfortunately, out of stock. Initially I was very disappointed, but when I made up the beads into this monochrome necklace and bracelet set I found that it could be worn with loads of different outfits.

..and look! I even found a monochromatic model.

Collar Necklace 2

This necklace was quick and easy to make, but features some unusual beads; two holes lentils and mini daggers. These are combined with 3mm and 4 mm firepolished beads.
The main colours are black and peach, with a touch of purple.

It looks great worn with a soft peachy coloured dress and emphasises the neckline. It is a bit of a faff making sure all those daggers are lying straight though!

Collar Necklace

Here is a collar necklace, called Cleopatra's Collar, it is a pattern from my beading group. It features Superduo beads with tiles and a fringe of fire polished 6mm beads. The clasp is a vintage button