Monday, 4 May 2015

Cordoba Jewellry

One of the very first patterns I followed was from a SpellBinder kit. I used my own beads, which is easy if you can raid someone else's stash, since you don't need many of any one bead, about 16 of each ( cubes and facets, anything around 4mm) plus a small pot of 11 seed beads. Of course, my beads came from Mum, but I have since helped a friend out in the same way when she came over to have a first try at beading.
Here it is, my first bracelet in purples and blues with a touch of chartreuse to add highlights and anthracite seed beads.

I was very pleased with the result so I tried it again, this time in a wider, cuff style bracelet, in gold, browns and metallics, this time with a copper seed bead.

For this second one I made a matching necklace, although the colours look different in the photo below, they are actually the same. 

This is such an easy starting point for a new beader. The instructions are step by step and include good diagrams. Both are from Spellbinder.

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